How to request the Italian fiscal code card (Tax Code card) electronically

We wish to inform you that, from November 2022, all foreign students not resident in Italy can apply for the Italian fiscal code card (Tax Code card) also electronically. The procedure involves filling out the Modello AA4/8  with a digital signature. After that, the completed form must be physically brought to an Internal Revenue Service office (ADE- Agenzia delle Entrate).

Together with the release of your personal Italian fiscal code (Tax code card), you will also get a PIN code useful to register for the “Gestione Seprata” (Separate Management) via INPS portal.

The form may be submitted to any Revenue Agency office, in person or through a delegate. The addresses of the Revenue Agency offices are available on the website
Residents overseas may submit the form to the Italian diplomatic or consular representation in their country of residence or to any Revenue Agency office.

K.N. The completed form can also be brought to an ADE office (Internal Revenue Service office) by a delegate, according to the guidelines in the document attached below.

Form AA48 Editable_AA4_8_Modello_ING Instructions on how to fill in this form_AA4_8_istruzioni_ING

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