University of Naples “Parthenope” among the 3 brand new members of the European University of the Seas Alliance (SEA-EU)

SEA-EU is an alliance of  originally 6 European universities that shared a close link to the seas as an essential feature.
University of Naples “Parthenope” is honored to inform that it has been welcomed as one of the 3 brand new members, bringing the total number of member universities to 9:

  • University of Cadiz (UCA), Spain.
  • University of Western Brittany (UBO), France.
  • University of Kiel (CAU), Germany.
  • University of Gdansk (UG), Poland.
  • University of Split (UNIST), Croatia.
  • University of Malta (UM), Malta.
  • University of Naples Parthenope (UPN), Italy.
  • University of Algarve (UAlg), Portugal.
  • Nord University (NORD), Norway.

Chosen for their coastal context, quality of education and research, as well as the desire to maintain geographical balance, these three additions will join the founding universities in fulfilling the Alliance’s vision of becoming a role model in the European Higher Education and Research Area in line with European values.
The present project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Commission’s priorities for 2024. The aim of this second phase of the project is to build a truly European multi-campus university with its own legal personality.

To create a distinctly international, multi-ethnic, multilingual, multilingual, multicultural and interdisciplinary European university

Build a true university partnership with an organizational culture based on open governance and co-creation

Values Excellence-Sustainability-Resilience-Cooperation-Creativity-Differentiation-Specialisation

Moreover, SEA-EU promotes co-creation as an approach to establish links with partners and society and to involve them in the implementation of the main activities.
Activities are organized according to a Workplan which has been divided into 6 Work Packages (WP); each WP will have SEA-EU universities as leaders (WPL) and co-leaders (WPC).
The work packages are further subdivided into Tasks (T), which will have university staff as task leaders and co-leaders.

To see the complete list of Objectives click here

To visit the Official Website of the SEA-EU click here

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