Fashion, Art and Food Management


The study program offers the acquisition of transversal competences in Fashion, Art and Food business management. Fashion, Art and Food are notoriously Italy landmarks in business and the cornerstones of italian manufacture. Moreover, they are strictly connected to Tourism industry.

Thanks to its specialized contents and course structure, the master’s degree in Fashion, Art and Food Management  is a one of a kind in the world. It includes learning modules meant to identify the main points and common features characterising italian excellence and the “Made In Italy” such as creativity and innovation, products and operations quality, success in international markets.

Career opportunities

The Master’s Degree aims at creating experts – entrepreneurs, executives, managers , consultants- able to support companies and agencies operating in the fields of Fashion, Art and Food industry in an international context. The program will prepare professionals skilled in decision-making process, operations management and growth strategies for firms strongly oriented towards innovation and quality, promoting synergies between Tourism and Fashion, Art and Food industry.

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Palazzo Pacanowski



Department of Business and Economics

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Admission Requirements

To be eligible, the student needs the completion of a bachelor’s degree and the acquisition of knowledge and skills in management, economics, law, and statistical-mathematical fields.

Course Opportunities

The Master’s Degree covers a gap in the competitive context of Fashion, Art and Food industries. It shows high margins of characterization, originality and operational relevance by unveiling the common features, the common success factors and the similar business models. Graduates will be able to support companies in decision-making processes, operations management and growth strategies in international markets.

Professional Profiles

Course Duration: 2 years
Number of Exams: 12
Credits: 120
Access: Free
Double Degree: No
Class Membership: LM-77
Department: Business and Economic Studies

Dates to remember

2nd Semester A.Y. 2023/2024 Lessons start: 26th February 2024

Application timings for international students A.Y. 24/25


For Non-EU students residing abroad, click here.

Expected Skills

Graduates in Fashion, Art and Food Management develop highly specialized expertise 

valuable to work in companies operating in fashion, art and high value-added businesses of the agri-food industry and will gain awareness about contaminations, conditionings and synergies among Fashion, Art and Food.


The modules will include several subjects such as business, management, economics, statistics, and law fields related to strategic management, economics of innovation, industrial policies, organization, brand promotion, digital marketing, business data analyis, corporate finance, performance measurement, operations and quality audit, international business law, business history on the key issues of fashion, art and food.

Course's Key Persons

Prof. Rita Lamboglia




Guidance and Tutoring Services

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Course Location

Palazzo Pacanowski – Via Generale Parisi, 13 – 80132 Napoli