How to Enrol


Are you an international student? Welcome to University Parthenope! Here, you will find all the information about your enrolment. Please follow the next steps and check which documents you need to complete your application.

Submissions for the Academic Year 2023/2024 on the online platform UNIVERSITALY should open again in April 2023.
The online pre-enrolment is mandatory for all non-UE students living abroad.
You can find our short guide on the Pre-enrollment procedure HERE.
Please, check the rules and the procedures  for entry, residency, and enrolment provided by the
Italian Ministry by clicking HERE.

In order to enrol at an Italian University, the following documents are required.

  1. undergraduate degree and Single cycle degree: original copy (or certified copy) of final secondary education qualification, obtained after at least 12 scholastic study years, or a legal substitute certificate (with an official translation in Italian if the language is other than English or French); the final qualification must be accompanied by: a declaration/statement released by an ENIC-NARIC centre (i.e., CIMEA*); or (alternatively) a Dichiarazione di valore issued by the Italian embassy/consulate.
  2. graduate degree (2-year course, Laurea Magistrale): an original copy (or certified copy) with an official translation in Italian (if the language is other than English or French) of an academic qualification gained from a higher education that allows access in the issuing country to further studies at academic institutions at the next level; the final qualification may be accompanied at the discretion of each individual higher education institution by: a declaration/statement released by an ENIC-NARIC centre (i.e., CIMEA*); or (alternatively) a Dichiarazione di valore issued by the Italian embassy/consulate

*In order to get both Comparability and Verications services you can contact to receive instructions on the access to the Cimea platform.  The cost that students have to pay to Cimea for the Comparability Statement is 150€ while the cost for the Statement of Verification is 65€.





Courses taught in Italian: Italian language skills are mandatory for enrolling at the University of Naples Parthenope for all courses taught in Italian.

If you have an Italian high school diploma (obtained in Italy or abroad) or have a B2 or a higher level language proficiency certificate issued by one of the members of the CLIQ (Quality Certification of the Italian Language, you are not required to sit for the Italian Language exam. Just upload the certificate as a required document.

If you do not possess a certificate or a diploma of knowledge of Italian language, you will be able to attend an Italian language exam at the University of Naples Parthenope on specific dates that will be communicated in the next months.

The exams duration is 90 minutes and the mode of delivery is online and the structure will be the following:

SECTIONQueriesTime available
LISTENING – 3 tracks2145 mins
READING- 3 text2145 mins
LINGUISTIC STRUCTURES- 6 microtext3030 mins

In case of help, please contact the International Office at


Courses taught in English: in the case of courses held in English, students must deliver satisfactory certification of adequate knowledge of the language.

The knowledge of Italian language

If the the University of Naples Parthenope will accept your application, the secretariat will upload the acceptance letter (the so called “Modello D”) on the Universitaly website directly while validating your pre-enrolment application.

After the acceptance, students are strongly recommended to schedule the appointment at the Embassy/Consulate for the VISA application. Please note that pre-enrolment alone does not ensure admission to our degree programs. In order to matriculate you also need to take and pass the verifications of the entry requirements and the admission procedures set for the degree program of your interest. Please, view the rules and the procedures  for entry, residency, and enrolment provided by the Italian Ministry by clicking HERE.


In order to get the study visa in Italy, students are mainly required to submit the following documents at our Embassy:

  • the summary of the pre-enrolment request on Universitaly web portal
  • entry visa application form (Model D)
  • recent passport-size photo
  • passport or travel document valid for at least three months after the visa expiration date
  • proof that the applicant has adequate accommodation in Italy (confirmation that you have booked or that you already have an accommodation in Italy)
  • Enrolment or pre-enrolment in the degree programme to take place in Italy
  • Adequate insurance coverage for medical treatment and hospitalisation (please keep in mind that, after your arrival in Italy, you can do a voluntary enrolment with the Italian National Health Service, only if this is accepted by the Italian Embassy in your country)
  • proof of means of support in Italy of not less than € 467,65for each month of the academic year, a total of 6079,45€ per year. This availability can be proven through proof of personal or family resources or guarantee of financial resources by accredited Italian institutions or agencies, local governments, or foreign institutions or agencies considered trustworthy by the Italian Diplomatic Representation.
  • Proof of the availability of the financial means needed for repatriation;

The requirements and procedures to issue a visa are indicated in a special provision, published annually by the MIUR, in agreement with MAECI and Ministry of the Interior.

Please note: if you have a Type ‘D’ visa you must apply for the Residency Permit within 8 working days upon arrival in Italy.

For all details about obtening a visa for Italy also visit the following websites:

Submission of the required documentation does not automatically guarantee visa issuance. Upon entering Italy and the Schengen Area, even if you have a visa, Border Authorities are authorized once again to check the documents required. 

For all enquiries, please contact,  we will reply to you in the shortest time.

To start the enrolment procedure, we strongly suggest to find out more about degree programmes (undergraduate and graduate). Courses will start in September (first semester) of each academic year and are half-yearly. Our course catalogue is presented HERE.