International Agreements

As a global institution, the University of Naples Parthenope partners with institutions across the world at both the Departmental and institutional level. We consider all our partnerships as fundamental in helping to meet our strategic objectives, through enhancing international links with institutions with which we share the same principles and values. We believe that the students, researchers, and staff mobility plays a key role in our internationalization strategy, in enhancing the domestic skills base and making our community more globally engaged. Students mobility may be beneficial in various ways: international experience helps acquire critical skills such as foreign language competency and intercultural communication, and can increase students’ employability in the competitive and global jobs market. Moreover, international students’ mobility helps to generate positive externalities by internationalizing our Institution, and fostering global networks that can, in turn, facilitate research, knowledge transfers and university–business engagement.


Parthenope’s international agreements are usually based upon a general memorandum of understanding, that may be related to faculty, staff and student mobility programs and research cooperation, other than, organization of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and workshop. According to our international strategy, mobility plays a crucial role as geographical mobility represents an essential factor for knowledge exchange processes and the relationship building, including establishing scientific collaboration.


Parthenope University is always interested to receive and develop new cultural and scientific agreements with foreign academic institutions. Agreement proposals may be suggested by any Faculty or Department member or by a foreign University. We’re are always eager to develop at least three types of agreements:

A) Erasmus+ international exchange student program

B) Dual Degree Agreement (or Double Degree): Non-Erasmus international exchange student program with an University where students spend a period (e.g. one semester, one year) in each degree program and, after completing all requirements for both programs, students are awarded with two degrees, one from each of the participating universities, or one degree jointly by both universities.

C) International cooperation in promoting academic, educational, and cultural cooperation among academic institutions.

For any agreement of type (A), please refer to the Erasmus+ office

Agreement of type (B) should be developed by the coordinator of a Undergraduate and/or Graduate Degree at Parthenope by following the steps outlined in detail here.

Agreement of type (C) can be developed by any professor and/or researcher of Parthenope University, click to download the agreement template and other domestic instructions.