International Partnerships & Ranking

The University of Naples Parthenope is committed to driving forward the development of i_p1a range of global partnership activities. We aim to improve our international reputation and our interaction with partners overseas. Parthenope University currently has over 150 links with institutions around the world including Erasmus partnerships.
The University’s Internationalization Strategy focuses on enhancing our global presence, profile and esteem through a wide range of activities which encompass student/staff exchanges, enterprise activities, visiting faculty, joint research. Moreover, we are constantly seeking to improve our national and international ranking.

Recently, the National Valuation Agency (ANVUR) has introduced the Higher Education Quality Assurance system called AVA (Autovalutazione, Valutazione periodica, Accreditamento – Self-assessment, Periodic Evaluation, Accreditation) that has been introduced in Italy by Law n. 240/2010 and Legislative Decree n.19/2012. Following this legislation, ANVUR has developed its own assessment criteria, methodologies and procedures to fulfil its tasks, in strict adherence to Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). In 2019 ANVUR has assessed our Institution with a rank of B (the range is: A –E ), confirming our success in improving the quality of education, research and services.

Parthenope ranks in the top 5% out of twenty thousand universities worldwide according to the Center for World University Rankings’ (CWUR) new list for 2020-21. The ranking uses a set of objective indicators that assess the quality of education, alumni employment, research output, and citations without relying on surveys and university data submissions.

Furterhmore, Parthenope University has been ranked also by the global university ranking program U-Multirank,  an independent consortium wanted and funded by the European Commission, that uses an innovative approach to international ranking of universities on a like-with-like basis, scoring all results into one out of five tiers. This year’s results, indicate that Parthenope has been ranked 37 out of 81 among Italian universities, and 8 out of 81 for international co-autorships.