Visiting Scholars and Visiting Professors


The University of Naples Parthenope hosts international researchers and visiting professors in the framework  of international mobility programmes. Visiting Professors will make positive contributions to the Department’s success through research other than an advisory role. They have also contributed to the research culture of the School and the research seminar programme.

Our visiting titles policy distinguishes among the following three titles:

  • Visiting Professor
  • Visiting Researcher
  • Visiting Fellow

Ideally, Visiting Professors at Parthenope University are individuals of a high standing in their profession who have attained higher degrees in the relevant area. They are visiting Parthenope University for a finite period of time and are working in the areas of research other than of teaching. The period of visiting shall be more than 7 days and less than 180 days.

Visiting Research are individuals of a good international reputation in their area of research and are available to collaborate with Parthenope faculty on specific research. They must have been  full-time members of a faculty for at least  4 years and will not carry out teaching activities. The duration of the visit at the Department spanning from at least one week to six-months. Specific information about the entry and residence in Italy of extra-UE researchers, of appropriate scientific qualifications, are described in this guidelines (see the Italian version here).

Visiting Fellow  title is conferred upon early/mid career scholars who have an emerging international reputation and are beginning to shape the agenda in their field. They must have been full-time members of a faculty (for less or more than 4 years). As for the other titles, the duration of the visit at the Department spanning from at least 7 days to 180 days.


Anyone of the Faculty interested in inviting visiting professors/researcher/fellows, may find general information about procedures and practices here

Questions regarding the Visiting Researcher Programme may be directed to .