Management Engineering



The Master’s Degree in Management Engineering program provides students with advanced knowledge and versatile skills for design and management of business, complex systems and industrial processes, with a specific focus on innovative solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability. Through an interdisciplinary training, covering both engineering technical knowledge and economic/management skills, this program introduces participants who aspire to become managers and leaders to cutting-edge thinking and best practice in management and innovation.

Career opportunities

Graduates in Management Engineering find careers in public as well as private industries operating in various sectors, including but not limited to logistics, transport, security and energy. Thanks to their multidisciplinary experience, Management Engineers from this course can play a significant role as managers and leaders in all those national and international contexts where technology innovation is crucial.

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Course Language

Italian and English

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Course Opportunities

The Master’s Degree in Management Engineering is focused on developing a new generation of highly proficient professionals, with both technical and managerial skills in the field of Management and Mechanical Engineering, who are able to face technological challenges in crucial areas of energy and environmental sustainability, as well as to successfully apply enhanced methodologies to the design and management of complex production systems.

This program is designed to provide a balanced set of core skills and pre-professional experiences by means of an integrated training in close collaboration with highly reputed national and international companies and research institutions. In particular, through our new exchange schemes, this Master program offers the possibility of spending the second year of study abroad, in the United States of America or in Europe where students can obtain a double degree.

Professional Profiles

Course Duration: 2 years Number of Exams: 12 Number of Credits: 120 Access: Free Double Degree: Yes Class Affiliation: LM-31 | LM-33 Department: Engineering

Dates to remember

2nd semester- A.Y. 2023-2024 Lessons start: 4th March 2024

Application timings for international students for A.Y. 24/25


For Non-EU students residing abroad, click here.

Expected Skills

Through an intense program that merges in-depth fundamental engineering knowledge with breadth in emerging, interdisciplinary areas, this program allows graduate students to gain advanced knowledge, improve the ability of creating a collaborative and inclusive environment, establish goals, meet objectives, and solve complex problems in many Engineering areas. The program is indeed grounded on hands-on research and on collaborative learning opportunities, such that enrolled students may develop their talent and improve their understanding of the principles underpinning the Management Engineering discipline.


Specifically, the study plan includes theoretical studies along with practical experience training, exploited by means of computer and laboratory work in our state-of-the-art facilities, as well as research and development ongoing projects that are carried out in these labs. Additional learning tools involve visits to companies and specialized seminars held by professionals from the industry and renowned experts from international research institutions.


Students’ knowledge is assessed through oral and written exams, providing them with workplace settings in which to deliver their work professionally. Also, a written thesis document and a final thesis defense are required in order to complete the program. This final work consists in a comprehensive project, which is aimed at demonstrating students’ abilities to develop their own original and innovative solutions to complex engineering problems, and report research in a concise, scientifically sound manner. The oral defense represents the final examination, which finalizes the program and allows students to achieve the Master’s Degree.


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Course Location

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