SEA-EU JPWG Meeting in Kiel: Fostering Academic Cooperation and Innovation

September 29, 2023

Kiel, Germany – Representantives from University Parthenope convened in Kiel, Germany for 3 days, 27th, 28th and 29th October, 2023 to join:

  • Staff Week on Microcredentials: Prof. Silvio Del Pizzo and Prof. Stefania Corsaro from the UPN joined and presented the activities that are being carried out  or developed at Parthenope within this field such as the Project “Skilling me Softly” in which students will have to acquire 6 ECFU choosing from a list of multiple activities and subjects.
  • Meeting of the SEA-EU Joint Programme Working Group (JPWG): Marialaura Eliani from the International Office (USICL) of Parthenope took part and discussed, together with the other members,  on ways to enhance the technical aspects of the Joint Programme.

Hosted by Quentin Sohet and Katrin Kais from Kiel University, the meeting brought together nearly 20 participants dedicated to advancing cooperation among universities from the Alliance;The meeting agenda was packed with significant topics designed to facilitate academic collaboration and improve the quality of education within the SEA-EU framework. These topics included:

1. Common SEA-EU Glossary
2. Template for Course Descriptions
3. Grading System
4. Joint Virtual Administrative Office
5. SEA-EU Digital Identity
6. Participation Costs and Funding
7. Mobility in Joint Programme
8. Learning Management System (LMS)
9. Accreditation of Joint Programme
10. Degree Awarding and Diploma Supplement.

The intensive discussions demonstrated the commitment of SEA-EU partner institutions to fostering academic collaboration, improving the quality of education, and enhancing the overall experience of students within the Joint Programmes, which are the most ambitious and innovative objective of this initiative.

As the SEA-EU partnership continues to strengthen, these efforts represent significant strides toward realizing the shared vision of a dynamic and globally competitive educational alliance between partner universities. The outcomes of the Kiel meeting mark another important chapter in this ongoing journey of academic excellence and international cooperation.

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Photo Credits by SEA-EU at Kiel University

SEA-EU JPWG Meeting in Kiel: Fostering Academic Cooperation and Innovation

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