Submission of CIMEA Certificates of Comparability and Declarations of Value

Notice to all perspective students.

Students who will receive a VISA type D for study purposes and will enroll at Parthenope, on their arrival, will need to submit the Declaration of Value issued from embassies or consulated or the Certificate of Comparability issued by CIMEA. One of these two documents is mandatory to complete the enrolment.

Due to temporary suspension of the services offered by CIMEA and due to difficult situations in some countries (related to wars and other diplomatic reasons) University Parthenope gives the possibilty to enroll with reserve.

This means that students receiving a visa for the A.Y. 23/24  can start their enrolment even without the above mentioned certificates. The enrolment will become effective only if they will provide the documents within 31st March 2024.


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