IX Edition “Studiare in Italia” Tirana

On 15th and 16th  March 2024, the IX Edition of Studiare in Italia, organized by the Institute of Italian Culture in Tirana, Albania, was held in Tirana.


The aim of the event was to promote the Italian university system in a country where Italian continues to be widely spoken and Italian universities are still among the preferred ones by Albanian students due to their geographical proximity and historical and economic bounds.

On 15th March, delegates from Italian universities and representatives of the major Albanian universities met to create contacts for future inter-university cooperation. Among those present were also representatives of the Albanian Ministry of Education, the Albanian National Agency Erasmus+, the contact persons of the Erasmus projects already underway, and several Albanian graduates who obtained their degrees in Italy and now occupy important positions in Albanian institutions.

The entire day of Saturday, 16th March, was dedicated to meeting Albanian students interested in studying in Italy.

Attendees representing the University ‘Parthenope’ were: the Pro-rector for Internationalisation Prof. Vito Pascazio and Dr. Maria Rita Castaldi and Marialaura Eliani, administratives of the International Office;





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