Don’t miss the opportunity – SEA-EU Virtual Tandem Language Exchange

As part of the initiatives promoted by the SEA-EU Alliance – European University of the Seas, our University offers the Parthenope community the opportunity to participate in the SEA-EU Virtual Tandem Language Exchange. This is an initiative that allows members of SEA-EU partner universities to improve their language skills in the languages of SEA-EU countries by interacting online with native speakers, promoting cultural exchange.

The initiative is aimed at improving listening and speaking skills in the language and is targeted at the student community and teaching and technical administrative staff with a valid institutional e-mail address. If you are participating as a learner, you must have a knowledge of the language of at least level B1 (CEFR), while teachers must be native speakers or their knowledge of the language must be of level C2 (CEFR).

To participate, you must register on the dedicated web page.
It is advisable to assess your level of knowledge of the chosen language before registering. No certificates will be issued and no training credits will be recognized.

For further details and information, please consult the webpage

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