Economics, Management and Accounting

Program description and purpose

The PhD program in Economics, Management and Accounting aims to prepare scholars and high profile experts able to enter the international job market and work on topics that request an interdisciplinary approach between economics and  corporate-economics.

The PhD

The study and research program is focused on statistical-mathematical and quantitative analysis methodologies, as well as qualitative analysis ones, in order to develop skills in making an empirical analysis of phenomena of interest in the ongoing economic context.

The PhD program consists of a three-year learning path and is made of two curricula: “Economics” and “Management and Accounting“. A scholarship will be reserved for graduates from foreign universities.

The main goal of the Doctoral Programme in Economics, Management and Accounting is to train high-level researchers and business practitioners, potentially able to access the international job market for academic and business research on topics that require a pronounced interdisciplinary approach, integrating the methodologies and cultural contributions from Economics, Management, and Accounting.

The doctoral programme is a three-year course comprising two curricula: Economics, and Management and Accounting. The doctoral programme offers 8 positions, of which 6 with scholarship. One scholarship is reserved for graduates from foreign universities. Two scholarships are funded, respectively, by the Bank of Italy and by the Université Franco-Italienne (Vinci Programme). One position is reserved to employees of Coelmo SpA, for advanced training on accounting issues.

International research collaborations and visiting periods are favoured by partnerships with the Université Catholique de Lille (France), the University of Lincoln (United Kingdom), and the University of Patras (Greece). It is compulsory for PhD students to spend at least 3 months in a foreign university or research institute.

Duration: 3 years
Subjects: Political Economy, Economic Policy, Finance Science and Applied Economy, Economics of Financial Intermediaries, Business Economics, Business Organisation, Economics Law.

Professional prospects

The new doctors will be able to compete in the job market nationally and internationally, in leadership roles for  public or private institutions, as well as in research activities for universities or other research institutes in Italy or abroad.

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The particularly marked empirical approach of the study program, will allow the new doctors to properly apply the selection for professional roles supporting policy markers, institutions and research institutes that make quantitative analysis of the economic phenomena. The new scholars are supposed to find their first job during the first year after awarding the PhD.


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