Energy Science and Engineering

Program description and purpose

The PhD program aims to prepare professionals/scholars with a high level academic profile

managerial competencies and an interdisciplinary vision of the possible resolution of issues in the field of energy science and the ongoing environmental and social impact they produce all over the world and above all in Italy.

The PhD

The energy problem and energy sustainability are one of the biggest global challenges featured by the great technological development. The PhD research activities ESE are focused on the study and the creation of innovative technologies to keep a close synergie between academic world and industry, as shown by the innovation PhD industrially oriented made in the latest years (from XXXII to XXXV edition).


Research activities are made under the supervision of scholars joining the faculty group and who have already worked for research institutes and industrial partners in projects of research and development nationally and internationally, and also who have already signed research contracts and provided technical-scientific consultancy.


The use of cutting-edge computational tools, supporting theoretical and experimental studies, enables us to constantly update research and development techniques to find new solutions and best-practices for the energy sector.

Duration: 3 years
Subjects: Fluid Machines, Energy and Environment Systems, Technical and Industrial Physics, Technical and Environmental Physics, Materials Science and Technology, Electrical Energy Systems, Mechanical Industrial Plants, Chemical Fundamentals of Technologies

Professional prospects

The competence acquired during the PhD enables doctors in Energy Science and Engineering to join a wide range of position for public and private institutes, not necessarily restricted to the academic sector: conducting, coordinating and directing research within the numerous institutes and companies working in the productive, design and development sectors of conversion and energy conservation technologies; technician responsible for the conservation and rational use of energy (pursuant to Law 10/91) for energy-intensive companies and public bodies; researchers and/or managers of research projects in universities and public and private research institutes; coordination of research programmes encouraged by national or European legislation.


Program Directors

Prof.ssa VANOLI Laura



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