Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Program description and purpose

The PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation addresses all processes related to starting a new business and managing innovation projects in existing companies. The program involves five different scientific sectors: business administration (SECS-P/07), management (SECS-P/08), finance (SECS-P/09 e SECS-P/11), and business organization (SECS-P/10). The variety of scientific sectors allows studying entrepreneurship and innovation from different perspectives.

The PhD

The program aims to provide PhD students with the following capabilities:


  • understanding how an enterprise is created, what the innovation processes are, how to use innovative finance tools;
  • mastering research methodologies in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation; 
  • designing and realizing a project of research to solve real corporate and company problems using the most advanced scientific methodologies;
  • elaborating original research capable of expanding the boundaries of knowledge and making a valuable scientific contribution that deserves national and international publication;
  • critically analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing new and complex ideas related to multi-dimensional phenomena such as entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • staying in communication with scientific, professional, entrepreneurial, and managerial communities and also public and private policy markers;
  • promoting, in the academic and entrepreneurial contexts, methodological, social, and cultural progress.

Duration: 3 years
Subjects: Economics, Business and Statistical Studies, Management, Finance

Professional prospects

-innovation manager for companies involved in the development of  highly technological projects;
-corporate and managerial consultant expert in innovation projects; 
-employee in public or private organizations involved in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship and the development of new start-up projects (development agencies, business incubators and accelerators);
-partner in the creation of innovative start-up 
-scholar in universities and departments involved in entrepreneurship and innovation

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During the training path the PhD students will join series of additional activities with entrepreneurs, consultant and scholars, aimed to:

-facilitate the entry in the job market and increase job opportunities;
-direct the learning process to the development of knowledge and competences requested in several different professional sectors.


Program Directors

Prof. SIMONI Michele



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