Law and Socio-economic Institutions: regulatory, organizational and historical evolutionary patterns

Program description and purpose

The PhD program in Law and Socio-economic Institutions: regulatory, organizational and historical evolutionary patterns aims to train experts, lecturers and high ranked professionals able to survey the complex system of legal order to handle and regulate home, transnational and international social and economic phenomena, and know legal, economic, corporational and political tools which social organizations and people in the sector use to interact.

The PhD

Teaching and researching methods are focused on the interdisciplinary survey of socio-economic phenomena, in particular from a european and international point of view. The program is meant to provide PhD students with professional competences and capabilities to gain a deep comprehension of the environment in which experts of human and social science operate in legal, managerial and administrative fields.


Main topics. social and organizational behaviour; fundamental rights and constitutions; legal culture and economic development; migratory flows and integration; maritime transport, ports and logistics; governance and performance of public and private companies, partnerships and networking organizations in the public sector; economic-financial communication and business downturn; ownership structure and performance; personal responsibility in complex organizations; job, economic freedoms, social rights, consultation; European and global economic governance; sustainable development; codification.

Duration: 3 years
Subjects: Private Law, Comparative Private Law, Commercial Law, Labour Law, Public Law, Administrative Law, International Law, European Union Law, Civil Procedural Law, Criminal Law, Roman Law and Ancient Rights, History of Medieval and Modern Law, History of Philosophy, Business Administration, Business Organization, History of Political Institutions, Political Science, Sociology

Professional prospects

The PhD trains professionals expert and highly qualified in several interconnected and interdisciplinary fields. The possible outcomes go from the academic and research career to the position of legal officer and/or administrative officer for public or private offices.

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The program merges legal, economic-corporational, historical-social-political knowledge for this reason the doctor in Law and Socio-economic Institutions will be capable to enter careers requesting expertise in leadership but also as a freelancer in the fields of legal studies and economics.


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