International Welcome Day- A.Y. 23/24

The International Welcome Day was held today in the Aula Magna ‘M.Serao’ at the Parthenope University headquarter in Via Acton, Naples.
The event, organized by the USICL (Internationalization and Linguistic Communication Services Office) and chaired by the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalization Prof. Vito Pascazio, was attended by international students who have chosen our University for their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses or for their period of mobility within the Double Degree programs.
The event was also attended by course coordinators Prof. Camastra, Prof. Parmentola, and Prof. Sapio, who provided specific information on their degree courses.
Thanks to the interventions of Dr. Castaldi and Dr. Eliani, the students also received general information on the University’s services and the Eramus+ Programme.
In addition, the event was also attended by the ESN (Erasmus+ Student Network) Association, which helps foreign students integrate into university facilities and the local area and provides useful information on the city of Naples.

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